BEARDS: the zine

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

BEARDS: the zine

Announcing BEARDS: the zine. A one off zine about beards. Good beards, bad beards, beards made of facial hair, beards made of lies. What do beards mean to you? How have beards affected our society? What is the beard’s place in the universe?

Open to all writers of fiction and non-fiction. No poetry. Go find one of the other 10,000,000 poetry zines for fuck’s sake. 750 word limit. Must be about beards. Must say the word “beard” at least once in the prose. Must be awesome. 

DEADLINE: January 31st 11:59 p.m. CST.

Expect to hear back mid March-ish. I am but one man. 

The zine shall be in print. Contributors will be “paid” in contributor copies. And by copies, I mean one copy. 

Submit through Submittable. 

Things BEARDS: the zine likes:
Curse words
Bait and Switches
Head scratchers
Things under 100 words (but, I mean, not exclusively)
Dark, dark stories
Super light fluff stories
Beginnings, middles, and ends

BEARDS: the zine